THINKHigher Spirit Academy

THINKHigher Spirit Academy is our separate high school that will open doors for an innovative and socially focused curriculum based on the foundation of our Mind Elevation program called Me, Myself & I, designed to guide youth to create an ambiance of positive personal development or redevelopment and usher them in as the leaders of tomorrow. Our basic curriculum consists of social skills and life skills courses that act as a foundation to relational and social interactions and fosters an environment of thinking with a higher consciousness. THINKHigher Spirit Academy is the works to launch in 2017. More details coming early next year. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting your child signed up now put their name on the list below before it fills up and make sure your child will be the first to take part in a revolutionary educational mind elevation experience. Education at its finest!
Our curriculum consists of life and social skills along with the regular general education that every school-aged child is required to have. Youth need to learn how to communicate, how to interact with others, how to respect each other, how to manage money, how to apologize, how to have self-control, how to fight back, how to keep the peace, and how to think on a higher level. Most schools do not teach these things and THINKHigher Spirit Academy will include all of this and more in our curriculum. A full list of the curriculum will be posted soon!
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