Rainbow Youth Wellness & Social Club

Rainbow Youth Wellness & Social Club is our health and wellness gym and after hours social club for youth.  We provide a wellness program that includes mind, body and spirit work, which includes fitness classes, spirituality classes, healthy eating and overall mind, body and spirit coaching for at-risk youth. Youth learn about adequate exercise, healthy foods for the brain and body, and yoga and meditation for a calm and peaceful mind and spirit. This department also provides a social night club for youth to socialize and interact with their peers (alcohol and drug free) and includes dancing, meetup mixers, entrepreneur mixers, friendship clubs and social activities. To become a member check out our "Membership Tiers" below and choose which membership fits for you. Then head over to our "Membership" and fill out the application, receive your kit and your in!

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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Friendship club
Accountability buddies
Juice bar & eatery
Movie nights
Game nights
Meet & greets
Entrepreneur mixers

Fitness classes – workouts, dance
Spiritual classes – yoga, meditation
Healthy eating – cooking, juicing
Self Defense - Tai Chi, karate, etc.

Important docs & Freebies

Department Overview Presentation
Membership Tiers
Daily Food Diary
The Four Elements
Group/Club Member Agreement
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