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The ARE  History
The ARE story goes back about 8 years when CEO and founder Cicely Majeed was divinely inspired to create a company for youth to break free from their cages and spread their wings and fly. It was called Cages 2 Wings back then and after volunteering for several non-profits, and working for a few non profits, Cicely noticed a missing piece to the programs and services puzzle that was a part of every organization that she worked for. Many of the troubled youth that came to these organizations for services would leave after 18 months and then go right back into the streets to repeat the same offenses. She saw something missing and she vowed to create change and Cages 2 Wings was born. After a few years of trial and error and planning to register as a nonprofit, she changed the company to an LLC and changed the name to Angelic Rainbow Enterprises. The name represents the angelic and tender care of angels enveloped, protected and divinely led by the creator of the Rainbow, God; and the rainbow represents every race, nationality and color in the universe as does our organization. We now have 7 different departments that work in unison and in collaboration, and we plan to partner with other youth organizations as united fronts, for one goal; to create lasting and effective change, transformation, and to create an ambiance of love, healing and rehabilitiation for our hurting and troubled youth.

Our mission is to utilize our tools to envelope the human nature of youth by creating a foundation of change. We plan to usher in renewed and rehabilitated youth by coaching them to enhance their personal development with mastered emotions and elevated minds as they embrace boldness, courage, wisdom and strength to become peaceful, calm, centered and relaxed individuals

Our vision is to create an innovative, creative, and loving environment for youth, conducive to developing their personal demeanor, character and attitude in a positive, spiritual, and wise way. We strive to elevate minds, master emotions, and give youth the foundation to build lives of excellence.
My name is Cicely Majeed
Cicely has 10 years experience as a Youth Advocate for troubled and at-risk youth, Behavior Therapist, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitatior, Motivational Speaker and Brain Trainer specializing in Self-Esteem, Leadership, & Emotional and Behavioral metamorphosis. She is the founder and CEO of Angelic Rainbow Enterprises, LLC, which includes The Jesus Net, Butterfly Wings Productions, Cages 2 Wings, Rainbow Universe Pageants, Sandalphon’s Heart & Home, THINKHigher Spirit Academy and Rainbow Youth Wellness & Social Club. To view more information about Cicely's credentials click on the presentation under her photo.
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