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We have a membership group for each of our nine departments that you have the option to join. Or you can become a member of our main ARE membership and have access to all department memberships to participate in at your leisure.  Click below and get details about guidelines and ageements, fill out the application, get benefit information, and find out about the levels of membership for each department. Get freebies that only members have access to. Choose your department, choose your membership and don't miss out on the fun activities that each department or membership engages in.

We call our volunteers "Superheroes" because they are taking on a cause that is sacred, special and very challenging and only a superhero can step in, without pay and take on such a challenge. Our youth are very unique, special and they have needs that only those with hearts of gold can help meet...Superheroes. So, if you are interested in being a superhero and your heart is called to the cause sign up below, we would love to meet you, add you to our team and see your Superhero powers!
  1. C2W Angels
    C2W Angels
  2. BWP Butterflies
    BWP Butterflies
  3. RUP Brainy Gals/Guys
    RUP Brainy Gals/Guys
  4. SHH Wings
    SHH Wings
  5. RYWSC Owls
    RYWSC Owls
  6. THSA Brains
    THSA Brains
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