Upcoming Events
  1. Brain Teaser Challenge
    APR '18
    Brain Teaser Challenge
    Join us for our weekly Brain Teaser Challenge. Give your brain a workout and take this fun quiz that will keep you thinking. The first winner to finish the challenge with correct answers wins a gift card to Starbucks. So put on your thinking cap and have a little fun! Challenge is scheduled for April 5th! Click here to take the challenge https://www.onlinequizcreator.com/brain-teaser-challenge/quiz-367991 autostart: false, width: "100%", height: "640px" }] );
  2. Monthly Workshops
    NOV '18
    Monthly Workshops
    C2W - Healthy Relationships BWP - Expressing Your Emotions RUP - Stage Presence for the Stage Fright RYWSC - Meditation THSA - Bee U SHH - Life Skills - Financial Management MW - Mind Over Matter ACD - Card Making & Design
  3. D360 Kickoff Social
    AUG '18
    D360 Kickoff Social
    More information coming soon.
  4. Spoken Word Poetry Slam Jam
    JUN '18
    Spoken Word Poetry Slam Jam
    More information coming soon.
  5. State Pageant
    JUL '18
    State Pageant
    Theme is "Freedom"
  6. Punkalicious Conference
    OCT '18
    Punkalicious Conference
    Anti-bullying conference event for teens Motivational speakers Breakout groups Skits & Monologues Spoken Word Poetry Music with special guests