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Cages 2 Wings is our first department and we provide workshops, brain training, transitions classes, and an advocacy program for youth offenders. In this department we provide the tools for youth to break free from their cages and spread their wings and fly to a life of excellence. View our presentation below to learn more about the services and programs we provide in this department and get more information about our signature program Heart Song Youth Voices!
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Heart Song Youth Voices is an Advocacy Program for Youth Offenders. We have a 5-step process for at-risk youth that have either committed a crime and have received a sentence for juvenile detention, or youth that have committed a crime and are awaiting a trial or prosecution. To request an IDP assessment so we can review your case, please send an email to and add "IDP assessment" in the subject line. We will send you instructions on how to take the assessment.

Step 1:
•Youth/Parents submit an assessment (create IDP & Goals)

Step 2:
•Appeal to parents, judges, attorneys, law enforcement

Step 3:
•Offer alternative solutions

Step 4:
•Plead case for mercy, leniency, forgiveness & pardoning

Step 5:
•Restitution & Resolution