Angelic Rainbow Enterprises
Spread Ur Wings & Fly.....Elevate Ur Mind...& Follow Ur Rainbow!
Angelic Rainbow Enterprises, LLC, is an organization that provides life coaching, personal development services, and products for at-risk youth. Our signature program is the Heartsong Youth Voices Advocacy program, which is a  5 part series of programs and aftercare where we appeal to victims parents, judges, attorneys, probation and police officers, offer opportunities for alternative solutions by offering programs with terms and conditions to avoid incarceration or extended incarceration, pleading the cases of troubled youth and offer these youth an opportunity to apologize and seek forgivness.







Mind Elevation

Angelic Rainbow Enterprises has 7 departments under its umbrella that each individually cater to the personal development of at-risk youth and collectively create a cohesive bond to prepare our youth generation for success, wholeness, spiritual focus and excellence.

Cages 2 Wings  is our first department and we provide workshops, brain training, transitions classes, and an advocacy program for youth offenders. In this department we provide the tools for youth to break free from their cages and spread their wings and fly to a life of excellence.

Sandalphon’s Heart and Home  is one of our separate departments and is an orphanage/residential facility where at- risk youth that are battered, destitute, and deserted are embraced with a loving, supportive, nurturing, motivational team of experts.  Where a new profound existence is introduced, that promotes our seven core values. We integrate our programs from all departments into this company. We open our doors to homeless, addicts, abused, behaviorally challenged, neglected, or youth recovering and have survived sex trafficking.
Butterfly Wings Productions  is our second department and this is an entertainment studio for youth to safely express their emotions and creative talents with dance, singing, acting, filmmaking, poetry, modeling and entrepreneurship.

THINKHigher Spirit Academy  is our separate school that will open doors for an innovative and socially focused curriculum based on the foundation of our Mind Elevation program called Me, Myself & I, designed to guide youth to create an ambiance of positive personal development or redevelopment. Our basic curriculum consists of social skills and life skills courses that act as a foundation to relational and social interactions and fosters an environment of thinking with a higher consciousness.
Rainbow Universe Pageants  is our third department which is a unique pageant system for boys and girls that requires contestants to attend pre-pageant workshops to develop their confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth so they can present themselves on stage and to the world in an authentic way. We focus on inner beauty, emotional control & mind elevation.

The Jesus Net  is our social networking department and a mastermind group for tweens and teens that are either interested in cultivating a relationship with Christ or already following Christ and want to maximize their connection and be youth spiritual giants for God. We are youth disciples for Christ. We have challenges, group gatherings, inspirational tweets, community activities, brain games, leadership events, workshops and more. We welcome all Christian believers, followers of Christ and those on the fence or curious about Christianity.
Rainbow Youth Wellness & Social Club  is our health and wellness gym and after hours social club for youth.  We provide a wellness program that includes mind, body and spirit work. Youth learn about adequate exercise, healthy foods for the brain and body, and yoga and meditation for a calm and peaceful mind and spirit. This division also provides a social night club for youth to socialize and interact with their peers (alcohol and drug free).